I am a Yes person




自分で自分を忙しくしてしまっているけれど、ネガティブな考えで、貴重な時間を無駄にしてはいけませんね!ポジティブな自分自身、自分の人生を選択しなくちゃ。だから、せっかくいただいた「Opportunity(チャンス)」や「Prosperity(幸運)」には、「No」とは、言いません。私の周りにで起きる全ての「良い事」に「Yes」と言う、私は「I am a Yes person」なのです☆

I am a Yes person

I know I am one with all of life.
I am surrounded and filled with infinite wisdom.
Therefore, I rely totally on the universe to support me in every positive way.
I was created by life and was given this planet to fulfill all my needs.
Everything I could possibly need is already here waiting for me.
No matter what I choose to believe or think or say, the Universe always say yes to me.
I do not waste my time on negative thinking or negative subjects.
I choose to see myself and life in the most positive ways.
Therefore, I say yes to opportunity and prosperity.
I say yes to all good.
I am a yes person living in a yes world, being responded to by a yes Universe, and I rejoice that this is so.


〜自分の中にいっぱいつまっているWisdom(知恵)を知るための本 Inner Wisdom/Louise L. Hay著より〜



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